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Jackson Cowden for Pepsi, 2024

Creating fictional worlds of fashion and technology that help brands share their stories, values and differentiate themselves in a saturated market.

Jackson Cowden X Beyond The Valley
Jackson Cowden x StreetX
Jackson Cowden Fortnite
Jackson Cowden Pepsi
Jackson Cowden NFL
Jackson Cowden Alfreds Apartment
Jackson Cowden NXP
Jackson Cowden Nana Judy

Jackson Cowden (15 March 2001), Australian designer.

Cowden was born in Wellington, New Zealand, moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2005.

His perspective in fashion and design is inspired and embedded in science fiction, designing for optimistic futures. His work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Boss Hunting.

Cowden’s practice spans across client works with Pepsi, Fortnite and the NFL, to innovative personal works challenging conventional standards of story and values in the fashion industry.

An Industry and technological insight has lead Cowden to create optimistic visions of the future that present a contrasting image to the traditional dystopia constantly presented in media.

2024 has brought on a new era for Cowden, starting work on his own brand. Based in a fictional future, Cowden poses ways in which fashion can operate as a sustainable practice. 

2023 Rookie Awards Finalist

       " Design Institute of Australia GOTYA Graduate of the Year awards Nomination

Optimistic Futures

In recent endeavor, 

Cowden builds a fictional world that provokes thought on how we currently consume fashion.

The Brand designs futures where fashion can operate as a sustainable practice.

Fashion and Technology

Value driven

Sustainable Practice

Characters and Community

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Jackson Cowden ragtrader
Jackson Cowden Marie Claire
Jackson Cowden Vogue
Jackson Cowden Ladbible
Jackson Cowden Bosshunting

Vogue, AU

"[Cowden] is a young, emerging designer who is creating a very strong position for himself as a future fashion leader."
Jackson Cowden




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